The Movement of Music - Sweet Song Studios

At Sweet Song Studios I offer a variety of music lessons based on the teachings of Carl Orff and Zoltan Kodaly, in different formats, to interest the young child who is discovering music.

I love working with young children and adults who have always wanted to sing! I believe that everyone has the ability to sing; they need to be shown how to hear their own voice and reproduce it.

Check out our program options and let the world of music open your ears.

Voice Lessons - Sweet Song Studios

Voice Lessons

I work with all ages and vocal levels and create personalized lessons to help you or your child learn how to sing! Individual or group lessons available starting as early as age 2.

Recorder Lessons - Sweet Song Studios

Recorder Lessons

Learn how to play this beautiful instrument without any pain. Taught by a master recorder teacher you will never believe what can happen in such a short time.

Piano Lessons - Sweet Song Studios

Piano Lessons

Using individualized materials, beginning piano lessons incorporate movement, chanting, and poetry. Each lesson is created individually to meet your child’s needs.

Percussion Lessons - Sweet Song Studios

Percussion Circles

Come and have fun hitting something in a relaxed atmosphere where you can discover your inner child.

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